Boost Your Online Sales

Boost Your Online Sales

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January 9, 2016

Having a website is just a first step for your business. If you want to maximize your sales online, you need to make sure your virtual storefront and online marketing activity is finely tuned to attract potential customers and then convert visits into sales. The following tips will help you to boost your online sales.

Understand how people read websites.
More than any other type of written material, people ‘scan’ websites. The more text on-screen, the more likely they are to just scroll down your homepage, allowing those words and phrases that jump out to give them a sense of what you’re offering them. You need to grab people’s attention and highlight benefits and format your page to slow down the ‘scanning’ by trying some of the following tactics:

  • Emphasize the key benefits with careful use of bold, italics and highlighting.

  • Break the text up into paragraphs of varying length.

  • Use sub-headings to make your key messages leap off the screen and attract attention to core text.

  • Leave text ‘unjustified’ so that it doesn’t form a solid block with parallel edges.

  • Try putting short important messages in the center of the line to distinguish them from the rest of the

  • Emphasize key points with bullet lists.

    Speak to your visitors.
    When creating the sales copy for your site, try to avoid the temptation to talk about yourself and your business; instead, focus on the person reading the copy. Too much “I”, “me” and “mine” is off-putting – try emphasizing “you” and “your”.

    Reduce what you offer on your website.
    This may seem counterintuitive but offering the largest array of products and services does not necessarily make you the most attractive provider. Showcasing fewer products on your website but with more detailed description tends to result in more sales. The narrower range means you can focus on the benefits (and features, of course) and give a fuller picture to the potential buyer. You can keep your wide product range if you have one but offer it online via a number of focused websites instead of trying to fit your whole catalog into one.

    Advertise on search engines by purchasing relevant keyword phrases so that your ad shows up in the paid section of search results for those phrases. You only pay when someone clicks through to your website via the ad.

    Start blogging.
    By writing online about your area of expertise (related to your business, of course!) you not only enhance your own reputation and profile as an authority, but also help drive traffic consisting of interested visitors to your website. What’s more, regular fresh content with the right keywords helps raise your site in the search engine rankings. You may only post once a month but the important thing is to be regular so that people following your blog know when a new post is going to appear. Bring readers to your blog and raise its profile with appropriate posts and direct links on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    Be social.
    With what seems like half the world using social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and a myriad of other platforms are rich arenas for attracting traffic (and customers) to your business website. Start simple with a Facebook business page and then encourage customers to ‘like’ it. Then post information of interest to potential buyers (special offers, new products, expansion plans, etc.) and links to your latest blog post, your website, and other (non-competitor) pages that you think may be useful to your customer base.

    Finally, keep it simple.
    It may be tempting to have a fancy website with animated graphics and sound and if that fits your brand then so be it. But be wary of anything that will slow down the loading time of your website. The average ‘surfer’ waits only a few seconds for a loading site before moving on to the next search result. Attention spans are short on the internet and not every potential customer has a high-speed connection. This is a particular issue when optimizing your site for mobile users who may be on the move, looking to access your website via unreliable or crowded wi-fi connections.



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