Being a Woman and Female Entrepreneur – Do You Have Time for Both?

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July 6, 2016

Life is a lot about compromise, but is there a way of not having to compromise being a woman AND a female entrepreneur?

Starting a business takes a lot of time. If you want to set it up quickly it takes even more time. If you can’t afford to let go of your day job whilst launching it, it’s going to get hectic. However, there comes a time when the business is up and running. A time when there is a chance for a more balanced life. So what can you do to ensure you have time for both being a woman and an entrepreneur? We’ve looked at what other female entrepreneurs have shared and put together some tips.


Use Time Management Tools

The best way to make sure you have time both for your business and your life is to become a pro at time management. There are as many time management practices as there are time management gurus, but below are some universally embraced time management tips.

  • Get up an hour earlier. At night you are tired; in the morning you are fresh. Imagine what an hour extra spent on your business in the morning could do for you!
  • Use a schedule/diary with a to-do list.
  • Do the necessities first, even if you don’t like them.
  • Check emails at set times. When you are working on a task you will get sidetracked if you stop every time you get an email. Whether you check your email every twenty minutes, two hours, or three times a day depends on how urgent it is you reply to people.
  • If you can do the same with your phone as you do with emails, do. Let it go to voicemail unless it’s important. Of course you have to answer if customers call, but you can outsource that.
  • Likewise, try to keep all your meetings bunched together, so you aren’t constantly interrupting other tasks. Block the day out into categories.
  • If it’s not necessary to have a meeting in person, do it over Skype as it will save time traveling.
  • Ensure you have a concrete list of what needs to be covered during a meeting and stick with it. It’s only too easy to relax during meetings, as opposed to keeping them efficient.
  • Have time limits for tasks. For something to bring in money you have to ensure you aren’t spending more time on it than it yields in return.
  • Outsource when it’s cheaper than doing it yourself. If a virtual assistant can do what you are doing for ten dollars an hour and possibly do it better/faster, why not hire one? There are freelancing platforms like UpWork where you can hire freelancers and also companies specializing in “leasing” employees if you don’t want to work with a freelancer.

If you are new to time management, spend and afternoon at Barnes & Nobel browsing through a couple of books and get an app to help you.


The Stop Button

We carry our smartphones with us everywhere these days. We have our laptops at home. That’s great. If we want to get a head start we can get up at five am and start working. If we need to be at home for the handyman to fix something, we can still work. If we want to have a “workcation” in Venice, we can still work.

The issue? Unless we say stop at some point, you’re always working.

The solution? You can use a work phone so that when you go home at night, you switch it off. If you then want to work later in the evening when you’ve had time for your own life, then you can switch it on.

Likewise, there needs to be a stop button for how many hours a week are spent working. Maybe there are more hours at certain intervals, but you still have to make sure to take time off. If your thing is to get in to the office at 6am in the morning to get more things done, then make sure you leave by 6pm on week days and maybe much earlier on a Friday and don’t come in over the weekend.

Be as strict about taking time off as having time to work.


The Health Angle

A happy woman is a healthy woman. A switched on entrepreneur, is a healthy entrepreneur.

When you start a business you often feel like you have to prioritize the business. Anything that saves you time is excellent. That often leads to buying food instead of making it yourself. That’s all very well so long as you buy healthy foods. If you start eating poorly your productivity will tank and your mood will go down. The woman in you will not be pleased, nor will the entrepreneur.

Likewise, twenty to sixty minutes worth of exercising every day will keep your body happy. As we need sunshine and the outdoors to reach optimal health, it’s often an easy solution to go for a brisk walk during lunch, or in the weekend go for a longer country walk. For us to feel radiant we actually need to spend time outdoors every day. It will also help to have an office with a lot of natural light.

Sleep is another thing that needs to be crammed in. People vary in how many hours they need, but to feel the most awake, the best thing is to go to bed at the same time every night. Otherwise your body is constantly jet lagged, as it’s messing with your circadian rhythm.

The important thing? Don’t make it complicated. Don’t try and fit in an hour in the gym (plus time for getting there, showering and getting home), when all you have time for that day is a twenty minute walk. Don’t spend hours cooking healthy meals every day, when there are great take-away places with nutritious foods. And don’t stay up till different hours every night to cram in more work, when it will turn you into a sleep walker the next day. You get more done when you’re awake.

By keeping it simple you have time to be both healthy and an entrepreneur. The woman in you will be pleased, as you will show up looking fab to the next date, cocktail party, or night out with your partner.


Remember What You Love

Whilst getting swept away in an entrepreneurial storm as a female entrepreneur can be fun, also remember what you love besides being an entrepreneur. Just as you have a stop button, make sure you have a “do what you love” button. Every week schedule in time for that hobby, exercise, ladies night, relaxing at the spa, or whatever else it is you know you wouldn’t be happy without.








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