Key HR Apps

Key HR Apps

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January 9, 2016

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re unlikely to have the support of a corporate-style human resources department. In fact, the reality is that you’re probably handling employee issues yourself in between spearheading the marketing strategy, schmoozing the investors, pushing product development and quite possibly personally expediting orders via your ecommerce website! So, anything that can help you on the HR front is a welcome assist and these HR apps (and others like them) mean you can handle issues such as employee relations, training, and payroll via your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the move.

HR Management.
This simply-named app is a portal to best practices and information for a range of HR-related activities, including HR management & strategy, technology & software, staffing & recruitment, leadership development, training, learning & development, HR outsourcing, performance management, pay & benefits, organizational change, employment law, occupational health. With news headlines, videos and podcasts, and job posting opportunities for all the main English-speaking countries this app aims to give you what you need to know to pick up your HR responsibilities. Review the HR App HR Management at the Google Play store.

This app is almost an HR department in your pocket. It enables you to handle and track the classic HR management system functions from your mobile device, including the keeping detailed employee records (which is mandated by law), time and attendance tracking with scheduling and time off features, benefits and training records (accessible by employees who download the app) and of course, a variety of HR reporting options so that you can derive the big people picture from all that stored data. Review the HR App Bamboohr at the Google Play store.

Human Resources Encyclopedia.
The clue is in the name. If you’re not an HR expert but are having to handle (for now) your company’s HR responsibilities, then this handy reference to all the associated jargon and unfamiliar terminology and nomenclature will be useful. From basic concepts to terms and definitions to a variety of HR studies, this app will bring and keep you up to speed. Review the HR App Human Resources Encyclopedia at the Google Play store.

The company behind QuickBooks, the well-known accounting software also enables you to run your payroll on the go. Features include:

  • Payment of hourly and salaried employees.
  • A preview of who has earned what before running the payroll.
  • Easy access to employee data.
  • Confirmation e-mails including electronic paychecks
  • Direct deposit.
  • Payroll reporting

Review the HR App Quickbooks at the Google Play store.

Otherwise known as Automatic Data Processing, this is one of the big players in payroll automation (over 570,000 clients plus $10 billion in revenue) catering to huge corporations and multinationals. However, the RUN app is designed for small business payroll management, includes time and attendance features, and has a strong employee self-service element; i.e. it involves your people, gives them access to their information and, hopefully, relieves of the responsibility for fielding some of those paycheck inquiries. Key features include:

  • Easy employee access to pay statements: earnings, deductions, direct deposits, etc.
  • Remote timesheet management: punching in and out, and allows late arrival notifications.
  • Employee access to benefits plan elections.
  • FSA account tracking.
  • Retirement accounts tracking.
  • Connections – an employee contact list.

Review the HR App Run at the Apple store.

HR Magazine.
Keep up with the latest HR best practice with this app version of HR magazine. It might be UK-based, but the focus is on business and is always applicable globally with the stated aim of being, “the most innovative, thought-provoking and creative media brand for business leaders who want to develop high-performing organisations.” With news and views on people issues for organizations of all sizes, this app allows you to keep up with HR thought leadership and the latest insights.
Review the HR App HR Magazine at the Google Play store.



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