Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing Tips

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January 9, 2016

With an expected 2 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2015 (and already over half of the US population owns one) tapping into the mobile community is an increasingly popular avenue for marketing. And although making calls is still the most common use of this technology, checking emails, searching for information on the internet, taking pictures and accessing social media are all in the top five functions. So, having information about your products and services that is mobile-friendly is a must. When devising your marketing and sales strategy, consider the following points…

Remember that a smartphone screen is smaller than a PC or laptop and that the mobile versions of the various browser softwares out there are just that: versions. In other words, when you’re sending out emails to customers (newsletters, details of special offers and so on) you have to ensure that the layout is suitable for reading on a mobile device. Keep it simple, give it a short subject line title and don’t expect anyone to do too much scrolling to reach the information you’re sending them. Put in prominent links to your Facebook page and website too.

Website layout.
While we’re on the subject, keep mobile users in mind when designing your website (or giving the brief to your website designer). What’s more, a recent survey found that in the US, two-fifths of smartphone users check retail websites while they are in-store to compare prices. If your products and prices are not easily accessed and read via a mobile device then you’re probably losing business.

QR codes.
Putting QR (Quick Recognition) codes in your advertising, in store (especially for retail) and on your business cards and promotional materials is a good way of bringing mobile users to your website. After all, most people carry their smartphones with them at all times and can’t resist scanning the code, especially if you offer savings or special offers for anyone that does so (don’t forget to ask them to sign up to your newsletter or follow your blog).

Location, location, location.
For anything that involves a venue (your store, a launch event, etc.) encourage people to check in with location-based localized apps like Foursquare and share the word about what you’re offering. You’ll also be able to see information about how often people visit you.

On the spot reviews.
Google Plus, Facebook, TripAdvisor and the like enable people to post short, instant reviews that are seen and shared. Encourage your customers to post their comments while still experiencing your service. A simple “How are we doin’? Tell us right now!” poster (maybe with a QR code taking them to the review site of your choice) can be startlingly effective at building some buzz about your business. Don’t forget to respond to the feedback!

Designing your own app that people can download and use to access your business is not necessarily a cheap option but it may be worth it. You can use this route to provide exclusive special offers, provide order tracking, give access to product information, run a mobile-only loyalty program and so on.

Push notifications.
The majority of people who download apps also choose to accept push notifications – information about sales, offers (and more or less anything you want people to know about your business) that flash up on-screen, providing instant alerts in real-time.

Put simply, the mobile marketplace (especially when it comes to retail) is increasingly where the sales are being made. But don’t forget the follow up because those sales are happening quickly: 81% of sales resulting from a mobile search happen within five hours. You’ll need to have the infrastructure in place to handle the purchase when the customer wants to make it (an automated solution is ideal). By definition, mobile is anytime and anywhere; once they’ve found your product or service, mobile users rarely want to wait before they can access it. So don’t delay, integrate these mobile marketing tips into your business.



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