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Personal Budget Kit

The software that accompanies this book is just fantastic. Having purchased this and The Budget Kit (Judy Lawrence), the difference was clearly visible. Enodare delivers a cutting edge blow, delivered at the heart of budgeting. Not only does it provide the usual necessary information on budgeting and credit buts its software is second to none and extremely easy to use. Imagine The Budget Kit and Quicken combined seamlessly together. You get the big picture straight away and can track your progress right until you meet those goals you identified. If you off track, your told.

Together with a host of forms, valuable tips and information, downloadable worksheets and software this is hands down the best budgeting product on the market.

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How to Probate an Estate: A Step-By-Step Guide for Executors

This book is a must have for any serious executor. It provides all the assistance that an executor could need right from the moment the deceased passes away. It deals with non-routine matters such as dealing with home deaths, autopsies, obtaining death certificates and so on. It brings executors through the process of initiating probate, dealing with estate assets, dealing with creditors, and finally the closing of the estate. It has plenty of state specific information as well as sample forms. Another great book from Enodare – worth every cent!!

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Legal Will Kit

This legal will kit contains all the state specific information and last will forms I needed to make my own personalized last will. It came with downloadable last will & testament forms specific to my circumstances as well as a list of additional wills clauses I could include to personalize my will. All I needed to do to make a will was follow the easy step-by-step instructions in the kit and print my last will and testament….it couldn’t have been easier. It even came with state specific self-proving affidavits. I recommend this legal will kit to everyone!

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Estate Planning Essentials

This comprehensive book takes you through every aspect of estate planning paying particular attention to the rights of spouses and making long term management provisions for children. It also introduces you to wills, living wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, probate avoidance, estate taxes and many other aspects of estate planning. It’s a great place to start for anyone new to the topic of estate planning while at the same time is more than comprehensive enough for those actively wishing to make their own estate plan.

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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business

As a first timer starting to setup up my own small business, I decided that I would need some practical guidance along the way. This book gave me just that with some great advice along the way especially from a tax and legal perspective. Also there is some very practical information about getting websites created, registration with stare bodies and hiring employees and freelancers.

I particularly liked the scenario examples at the end of each chapter. A scenario of a business start-up is created and built upon throughout the book depicting how starts-ups work and the decisions they encounter. This was excellent and of immense value to me, I can highly recommend this book to anyone considering starting their own business.

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