Last Will and Testament Form – Married Female with Minor Children


Publisher: Enodare
Pub. Date: Feb 2011
Format: e-form

A Last Will & Testament provides for the transfer of the testator’s assets following the testator’s death. It can also used to appoint guardians and make funeral arrangements. The Last Will & Testament below is a typical example of a Will for a married female with minor children. It leaves the residuary estate to the husband provided he survives her. If he does not, the estate passes to a trustee to hold for the child(ren) in equal shares

You can use a Last Will & Testament to provide for the transfer of your assets to named beneficiaries after you die. You can also use it to appoint guardians to care for your minor children, make funeral arrangements and provide for the management of property left to young beneficiaries.

If you fail to make a will, the intestacy laws of your state will decide on how your property will be distributed and who will look after your minor children.

This Last Will & Testament form is for someone who is female, is married and has minor children. It allows you to make as many specific gifts (gifts of cash and specific objects) as you want and then gifts your residuary estate to your husband. Your estate includes everything you own. The residuary estate is that part of your estate that is remaining after all specific gifts have been made and all debts and taxes owing at the time of your death discharged. It is often the largest part of a person’s estate.

If your husband fails to survive you for a period of 30 days, your residuary will pass to your children in equal shares. Your children’s inheritance will be managed by a trustee on their behalf until they reach an age specified by you.

This Last Will & Testament is a downloadable form. It comes complete with guidance instructions on how to fill in the form. This Last Will & Testament also comes complete with Self-Proving Affidavits.

If you are not completely familiar with making a will, we recommend that you purchase our book entitled “Make Your Own Last Will and Testament”. This book not only contains all the forms necessary for you to make a last will and testament but also includes a related affadivits as well as detailed information on how to prepare your will.

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