Self-Proving Affidavit Form


Publisher: Enodare
Pub. Date: Feb 2011
Format: e-form

A self-proving affidavit is used in most States. It is a document that is attached to a Will that allows a probate court to easily accept the Will as the true Will of the person who made it. A self-proving affidavit makes it unnecessary for witnesses to appear in court to affirm that the Will was valid executed.

A Self-Proving Affidavit allows a last will & testament to be easily admitted to probate without questions being raised as to the authenticity of the signatures contained on the will. This, in turn, reduces the delays experienced during probate.

The self-proving affidavits in this document can be used in all states.

This Self-Proving Affidavit is a downloadable form. It comes complete with guidance instructions on how to fill in the form.

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