Enodare’s books and kits form an integral part of the collections of many libraries throughout the United States. They have been selected by libraries not just because they have been written by experienced professionals or because they contain state specific information, but also because they have been written in plain English with the end-reader in mind.

Our books address many of the most common concerns and business & legal questions facing our readers. These concerns are most likely similar (if not identical) to those being researched by discerning users in your library right now. We can say this because our books have been written with the needs of the average reader in mind. As such, they are not geared towards legal professionals and don’t seek to address very complicated legal issues or topics. Instead, they simply seek to address some of the common issues facing normal people with normal legal needs. This makes our books extremely practical and helpful.

In addition, the majority of our publications come complete with sample legal and business documents. These sample documents can be used by our readers (i) to create a usable customized legal or business document; or (ii) to act as a reference for readers who are simply carrying out research on a given topic.

We offer libraries significant discounts (of up to 25%) on our books and legal kits. For further information on discounts, please email

Enodare’s books will be a welcomed and valued addition to any library.

In addition, if you wish to add any of our forms to your collection, we would be happy to send them to you for free. Generally, the only requirement that we insist on when we do so is that the forms are maintained with our logos and website address intact.

For more information on adding our books, kits or software to your library, simply email us at Alternatively, please review our online catalogue.