Press Room

September 2015: Enodare’s Will Writer Software gets awarded 5th best legal software product in the United States by Top Ten Reviews.

Enodare’s software officially joins the ranks of Quciken, Rocketlawyer and Legalzoom as one of the top software pieces in the US. Enodare’s new version of its Will Writer software, to be released in early 2016 is set to include of 30 additional estate planning and personal documents. Read the review.

July 2015: Enodare’s partners with Casemate Publishing.

Enodare’s enhances its publishing and distribution channels through its partnership with Casemate publishing. Publishers across the USA, UK, continental Europe and beyond, Casemate is a valued distribution partner in reaching and maximizing sales from the vibrant US market.

January 2014: Enodare launches Will Writer 2014, the latest version of its successful estate planning software.

The 4th edition of Enodare’s Will Writer software has now been released. The estate planning software has been updated to take account of related legal and taxation changes introduced in 2013. These additions, as well as other improvements, will further cement Will Writer’s reputation as a market leader in the estate planning sector.


January 2014: Enodare has released the first title in its “Business” series.

“Entrepreneur Guide to Starting a Business” is the first in a series of business related publications to be released in 2014. It takes readers through the journey of identifying and assessing business opportunities, and then turning them in to a successful reality. It introduces would-be entrepreneurs to corporate structures, sales & marketing plans and techniques, e-commerce, hiring staff & external advisors, finding commercial property, legal & financial matters, tax and much more.


December 2013: Enodare releases the first title in its “Personal Finance” Series.  

Enodare has released its “Personal Budget Kit”, the first title in its newly established “Personal Finance” series”. The kit enables readers to prepare and monitor personal budgets using a combination of worksheets and sophisticated, but easy to use, budget  spreadsheet software. The kit will go on sale officially in January 2014.


July 2013: Enodare enters into North American book distribution arrangement with industry specialists International Publisher Marketing (IPM). 

Enodare Limited has entered into a formal agreement with International Publisher Marketing (IPM) in relation to the distribution of its books and kits throughout North America.

Commenting on the arrangement, Enodare CEO, Martin O’Donoghue stated “The appointment of a nationwide distributor for our products in North America represents a significant development for Enodare and re-affirms its position as a leading player in the North American publishing market. The arrangement will see Enodare’s products distributed to hundreds of retailers, libraries and educational establishments throughout North America and will have a strong impact on growth in 2014, a year which already encompasses many new and exciting initiatives for Enodare”.